Is shoe glue waterproof? 2024 Full Detail Guide

Is shoe glue waterproof? Whatever profession you belong to, the importance of wearing strong shoes daily can never fade away. If the special shoes of an athlete break down he will try to fix them with a super quality glue. 

The first question in his mind will come before purchasing the shoe glue Is shoe glue waterproof?In this informative writing, we have tried to debunk this mystery. Happy reading!

Is shoe glue waterproof in reality? 

Yes, it can be. It depends on the different factors such as the grading category of glue and its chemical formulation. 
Several shoe glue shows a high level of waterproofing ability while others show comparatively less ability.  However, it is a fact that all shoe glue brands are essentially waterproof. 

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What makes a shoe glue waterproof?

There are some properties and components of shoe glue that make it water and humidity-resistant and maintain its adhesiveness. These are the following:

◈ Chemical formation

Generally, shoe glues contain polymers or resins which make it waterproof. These polymers attach strongly and maintain the bonding between shoe glue and shoe while exposed to water.

◈ Elasticity in Bonding

Shoe glues often make flexible bonding with shoes which can comply with the natural movement of the foot in wet conditions without losing adhesion.

◈ The curing procedure

The curing process of shoe glue is very important. It makes a durable bond that does not allow water penetration. Some shoe glues need exposure to moisture to increase their waterproof properties.

◈ Application Method

Proper application of shoe glue is the key to its long-lasting adhesiveness. Therefore, ensure that the shoe surface is cleaned, dried, and properly prepared before applying the shoe glue.

Factors impacting the waterproof ability of shoe glues

Here is a brief description of these factors 

◈ Surface preparation of shoe

Proper surface preparation is essential. Therefore, shoe surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of pollutants before applying the shoe glue.

◈ Environmental Influences

Excessive heat during the application and curing process can impact the waterproofness of shoe glue. A normal environment should be attained.

◈ Quality of Shoe Glue and shoe material 

Both the qualities of
shoe glue and shoe material impact waterproofness. High-quality shoe stuff and glue are good and water-resistant.

◈ Testing and Certification of Shoe Glues

Shoe glues that meet the industrial standards for waterproofness are more effective during wet conditions.


Only the formulation and built-in quality of a shoe glue do not guarantee its ability to resist environmental moisture. After reading the useful information regarding the waterproofing of glue in this blog, now you can buy waterproof shoe glue with confidence. 

Keep on reading such information to wear moisture-free shoes!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


1: How does shoe glue prolong the adhesion in wet conditions?

The flexibility, as well as elasticity of shoe glue, maintain its waterproofness in wet conditions.

2: Is there any shoe glue that offers high waterproofing at an affordable price?

Yes! It is  Barge All-purpose cement.
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3: Why is the curing process essential for waterproof shoe glue?

Because a proper curing process guarantees waterproofness. Some shoe glues need exposure to water during the curing to enhance their waterproofness.

4: Why is surface preparation essential when applying waterproof shoe glue?

Scrubbing, dry, and pollutant-free surface if shoe is necessary to maximize the waterproof abilities of shoe glue.

5: How do environmental factors affect the ability of waterproof shoe glue?

Extreme heat conditions during the application and curing process can affect badly the properties of the waterproofness of shoe glue.