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Frequently asked questions about Angelus products:

Whats the first step to refinishing shoes?
1) You need to use preparer and deglazer to remove the original finish of the shoe. This will allow the shoe paint or leather dye to take better.

How do I prepare Patent leather?
With patent leather you need a high grade sandpaper and then use a spray paint dye to adhere to the surface.

How to I prepare Vinyl?
With patent leather you need a high grade sandpaper and then use a spray paint dye to adhere to the surface.

How do I prepare Suede and Nubuck?
You dont need to prepare suede and nubuck.

How to apply Angelus Paint?
After prepping the surface, you can use a sprayer, or a high grade paint brush set to brush on the paint. We also have Paint markers for tight surfaces where you may not be able to get to.

Will my paint crack?
If prepped properly and use multiple thin layers of paint, it will not crack. You will need to seal it with a finisher which come in a variety of finishes to seal in the paint.

Can I mix Angelus paint colors?
Yes you can.

How do I paint canvas?
You will want to mix the paints with our 2-soft so this is able to be used on canvas surfaces

Can I use Angelus Paint on Plastics?
Yes. If you want to paint on hard surfaces, simply mix the paint with our 2-hard.


Other FAQ 

How do I use suede dye?
1) you want to clean your suede surface so its nice and clean.
2) You can a wool dauber with our Suede dye to cover the surface entirely.
3) Sometimes it may take two coats, make sure to wait before the first coat is dry before applying a second application.
4) After its dry, it may look funny, simply use a brass suede brush to gently brush your nap leather to get the fibers back out and looking like new again.

What is the best glue for fixing my shoes?
Barge cement works well on fixing your shoes and rubber shoe soles. It will work with all of our replacement soles.

How do I waterproof my leather shoes, bags, and other leather goods?
1)You can choose from a variety of our waterproofers. Make sure you know if you have suede, leather, or faux leather. Tarrago Nano protector works great on all of these materials and is safe on higher end leathers.
2) Make sure you are in a ventilated area.
3) Keep the can about 6-8 inches away from your leathers and spray in a fast quick stroke motion. Make sure its not too close and don’t over spray.

What is the best shoe cream you carry?
We have a good selection but or best polish is our Saphir shoe polish.

How do I remove scuffs from my patent leather?
If you have a light scuff(not scratch) you can use nail polish remover and a cloth. Make sure you wear gloves and use some pressure and it should come right off.

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