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cheap brushes

I expected more quality in the price of this unit. Everything was there. The brushes lose hair when you try to use them. Very low quality. Would not advise purchasing this unit. Purchase everything separately and if you want the cheap brushes, save money.

Amazing glue!!

Glue works wonders when re gluing older sneakers I love it!!

five stars

shoe box very good

Easy to use and great color

Very easy to use and nourish the leather like no others. Very shiny! Fast shipping!

Great product

Great product and must buy for high end suede shoes. Fast shipping and will buy again!

Angelus Instant Shine Liquid Shoe Polish 3 Fl Oz
Roger Carrillo
Order status

Well I'll be happy to do it when I receive my order.

Great Adhesive

Very strong, fast-drying adhesive. Works well on leather.

New shoes

I bought a can of White leather acrylic paint. I used it on a pair of 1997 Jordan 12 sneakers that were in rough condition. I paid $35 for the shoes. After I reconditioned and painted the leather upper with the white paint, I sold the sneakers for $150. Couldn’t have done that without the paint.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint 1oz
Review of Acrylic Leather Paint

This paint was perfect for the touchup paint for my purse.

Angelus Mink Oil Leather Waterproofer and Conditioner Spray 5.5oz
Joey Savage

I used this the same day it arrived and I was pleasantly surprised with the results and just how quickly they brought back my shoes in just the first once over, will definitely be recommending to my friends.

Auto seat restoration

I was able to restore the seats in my 2006 Mazda Miata. The London Tan was perfect match!

Angelus Walk on Red Bottom Shoe Restorer 2oz
Kenny The Magnificient
Broken Dreams

Bottle was shattered upon delivery - However, I was able to salvage enough paint to finish the job :)

Nice color match for the Louboutins I am refurbishing.

Thank You

Misleading for rubber use

I bought this to repair/ reattach rubber boot soles with the understanding that it would work on rubber. Upon reading the fine print two other solutions are needed to use this product on rubber. I was disappointed.

Angelus Mink Oil Leather Waterproofer and Conditioner Spray 5.5oz
Jeremy Butler
Nice & on time delivery

The products were cheaper than the Angelus website where I normally shop but I will go thru my shoe supplies from now on

Great Service

Great service of a fantastic product.


All I can say is this “my old leather seats in my car are like new!”
This product gets TEN STARS!

Angelus Neon Acrylic Leather Paint 1 oz
Elwyn Boykin
Neon Popcicle Green

It's seems to be very good paint !
I was hoping it would have been lighter in color than it is , it's a bit darker than I wanted!

Saphir Renomat Stain Remover Cleaner 100ML
sean lawler


Fiebings Pro Leather Dye 4oz
Maria Campos
Awesome Service

Awsome service ! When one of my products wasn't available they refunded me right away! Shipping was fast! Thank you!! Definitely buy again with them! This was my first order with them.

Angelus Acrylic Leather paint Best Sellers Kit
Excellent product

Love it so far so good . Excellent product

this is the first product that I have bought, in a long time, that actually does what it says it will do. I used it on white soles, and they looked brand new in the first treatment. I would have no problem recommending this to somebody else.

I'll be happy to give you a review once they get here

I know that this isn't your fault-at least I hope not-but this order may actually be delivered today-almost 2 weeks after it was placed.. In your order page it says that the order will be delivered within a few days but once it got to the post office the order just vanished. The tracking number didn't work until two days ago. Probably Louis Dejoy busy making the USPS less viable than FedEx or UPS.

Angelus Reptile Exotic Skin Cleaner & Conditioner 8oz
Great Product

Recently bought a pair of Diamond Back Rattle Snake cowboy boots used and the spray made them look like brand new.