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Great dye, but messy!

I love this stuff. The other dyes I have used wear off very soon. Not this dye. It soaks into the leather and dyes it deep, not just on the surface. However, definitely wear protective gloves or you will, and I mean will, dyes your fingers and anything else nearby. Put down a good protective barrier on your work surface, wear gloves, and use a disposable applicator. I use small chip brushes I get in bulk at Harbor Freight and throw them away after use. This will definitely dyes your leather items very well. I love this stuff!

Easey order quick response great product. Thank you

Thank you

Midshipman approved

Great finish. I’m a midshipman, and this stuff outshines almost every other shoe. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants to win an inspection.


Perfect color matching interior, in fact I reordered. Shipping was quick.

Works great! Excellent customer service and quick shipping!!!

Great product! Everything I expected and excellent customer service !!!!

Amazing boot stretcher!

I spent a few days researching the different types of instep stretchers. I wanted something heavy duty, so it would last. Everything on this stretcher is outstanding! You will hand it down to your kids. All parts are metal and the thread and mechanism is all steel. You will ruin your boot before you strip the threads. Well built and durable. It was exactly what I needed!

Worked GREAT!!!!!

This product worked great!!!!! Covered scratches on an Stressless leather chair and made it look new again. Would buy again :)

Kelly's Shoe Creme

Excellent product and good price - Highly recommend this Supplier

Best shoe glue

This stuff is awesome for regluing shoes. Place on both sides and wait 8 minutes and then press together and hold for a few minutes (I tape mine the shape I want) and they are done. Great price, too!

The Secret to Shiny Boots

I spent hours trying to polish my boots to a high gloss using Kiwi parade gloss black polish in an academy years ago. I did a pretty good job and got good at it, but they never came out as a high gloss shine. they looked good but not great. The cadre kept giving me hell that my boots weren't shiny enough.

A buddy in another academy years later told me about this stuff. He was right. Brush off the dust (5 mins), apply one quick coat of Kiwi parade gloss (10 mins) all over, do a quick buff to bring out the shine of the Kiwi (5 mins) then wrap it up with a spray coat of Master Quick Shine (5 mins) and you're done.

Shine lasts 2-4 weeks and a can will probably last a year. I got compliments the very first time I went out in public with them. My boots looked just as good as another guy's who has them professionally shined ($30 a pop). I don't like outsourcing.

I highly recommend Master Quick Shine if you want your boots to stand out. I'm sure it also works on leather belts, suspenders, radio holsters, etc. Absolutely worth the price with time saved.

Nice product.

This is a really nice product. The product was was very easy to use and produced good results. The vendor My Shoe Supply sent an applicator with the purchase very nice touch. Thank you.

Excellent product and supplier

Very happy with both the product and My shoe supplies. com. Fast ship, good packaging. Recommend.

Amazing glue!!

Glue works wonders when re gluing older sneakers I love it!!

five stars

shoe box very good

Easy to use and great color

Very easy to use and nourish the leather like no others. Very shiny! Fast shipping!

Great product

Great product and must buy for high end suede shoes. Fast shipping and will buy again!

Angelus Instant Shine Liquid Shoe Polish 3 Fl Oz
Roger Carrillo
Order status

Well I'll be happy to do it when I receive my order.

Great Adhesive

Very strong, fast-drying adhesive. Works well on leather.

New shoes

I bought a can of White leather acrylic paint. I used it on a pair of 1997 Jordan 12 sneakers that were in rough condition. I paid $35 for the shoes. After I reconditioned and painted the leather upper with the white paint, I sold the sneakers for $150. Couldn’t have done that without the paint.

Review of Acrylic Leather Paint

This paint was perfect for the touchup paint for my purse.


I used this the same day it arrived and I was pleasantly surprised with the results and just how quickly they brought back my shoes in just the first once over, will definitely be recommending to my friends.