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Great soles at a great prices


Couldn't buy this on Amazon in California for some reason. Great product. Showed up quick. thanks

Colors are hard to choose

The mahogany color was a lot lighter than what it showed on the color sheet. Going to try with a darker shade

A must if you wan’t the shine

An absolute must have in your shoe care kit. You want to build a mirror shine when you shine your best dress shoes this gloss wax is the key. Clean, wax and shine with this mirror wax at the end.


Got the purple and it worked great! Seems to dry very quickly too! :)

Great reliable product!!

I’m a leather crafter and absolutely prefer Fiebings dye. True color, very easy to apply and permanent!! Used this product for over 40 years👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼‼️

Great price, perfect cream polish, easily applied

Perfect cream Color exact, easiest application

Great cream polish ! Colors are perfect . Easy to apply

Not what I ordered, I asked for CLEAR cement not YELLOW and sent an email over a week ago and still no response

Simply the best!

The creamy polish gets into every crevice of my worn leather shoes and handbags. Adds just enough shine, also. The various color choices make matching so easy. Great product and will buy again!

Shoe Supplies

This is a great company. They have great quality products ,
and fast shipping. Highly recommend them.!
And great customer service reps!

Satisfied overall

Very straight forward application. The applicator works well for the consistency of the liquid dye - it spreads well for good coverage yet gives you control over edges and narrow areas. So far I've only applied a single coat and waiting for the first coat to dry before reapplying a second coat as recommended. The color is deeper than expected but has a rich vibrancy.
Shipping is fast and product arrived in great condition.

Repaired & Renewed

Had an old pair of Timberland work shoes. Soles and heels were long overdue for replacement. The pair of #132 Montogna full sole replacements have given a new lease on life to a most comfortable pair of shoes. Sizing was excellent and the price including shipping was quite reasonable. Excellent product, expect many years of service

3rd order requesting CLEAN barge cement and 3rd time getting yellow! My last purchase here smh

Great product & good price

I ordered this product & got it shipped promptly. It was exactly what I wanted & have used in the past. The price could not be beat on-line, and shipping was quick.

I will look at this site in the future for my needs, Thanks.




Haven’t used yet so I hope it works do me .

Edging dressing

Haven’t used it yet , hope it will do fine.

Damaged and Used Merchandise was sold to me
The item that I purchased was unacceptable and certainly not to a standard in which I was expecting from your establishment. I received my order damaged. The condition of the box that was sold to me contains deep scratches in the wood in numerous places , there is chipped off pieces of wood in the front coroners and the hinges are misaligned , the barrels or knuckles of the hinge are also bent and the leaf of the hinge is also bent causing the box lid to be inoperable I was giving a replacement. However with customer support taking absolutely no responsibility and professional courtesy in an attempt to apologize for the error that they caused. I would never do business again with this company. I hope they will not do this to !

Best in the game. Perfect for any type of shoe projects or restoration.

Works great and dries fast. Gets the job done well.