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Angelus Dye Pen Liner for Angelus Leather Dye Set of Fine Tip & Large Tip (2)

$7.49 $9.95
  • Angelus Leather Dye Pen Liners
  • Excellent for using with our Angelus Dyes
  • Set comes with a fine line as well as a large tip pen (two total with replacement tips)
  • Great for getting those fine lines that need to be dyed on your sneakers that daubers cant get
  • These dye pen liners are excellent for using with Angelus dye.
  • This is a set of a fine line pen as well as a large tip pen. Simply soak the foam insert into the dye of your choice.
  • Then replace the foam insert and put an end plug in place.
  • Hold pen tip down and wait for dye to saturate the entire insert.
  • They make it very easy to get those detailed spots and edges with dye, that daubers wont.


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