Can I use all-purpose cement on my shoes?

Can I use all-purpose cement on my shoes? All of us have experienced the tearing of our favorite shoes in our life at least once. So, the quest to find a shoe glue that can perfectly mend our footwear love is real. 

Therefore, Amid this struggle, we think in this direction can I use all-purpose cement on my shoes? 

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What is an all-purpose cement? 

An adhesive that can bond different kinds of materials with each other and can be used for almost all kinds of purposes at any scale. 

Prospective advantages of using all-purpose cement on shoes

Applying all-purpose cement on shoes can come with the following benefits: 

There is no need for multiple layering of this kind of cement on the shoe layer. Just one layer is enough. 

It is workable at all scales of shoe production and repair, either at the industrial level or cobbler shop. Easy application without any smell. Longer lifespan with unprecedented user satisfaction.

Flexibility of shoe material to apply from rubber, and soft fiber to different kinds of leather.  

Possible limitations of all-purpose cement for shoes 

The following are some potential limitations of employing all-purpose cement for shoes;

◈ Not fit for special shoes 

The all-purpose cement can remove the required flexibility for a specific type of shoe. For instance, the shoes designed for athletics and other sports activities need mouldability, which may compromised in the case of all-purpose cement.

◈ Deteriorated appearance 

Applying all-purpose cement on shoes can leave unrecoverable stains which may deteriorate the appearance of a pair of shoes. 

◈ Compromised modification 

In case of needed softening and repairing, the all-purpose cement can not be detached easily from the shoe's surface. Moreover, it can potentially damage the surface during the process. Therefore, proving unfit for the use in shoe industry.   

What is the best available option? 

Barge All-Purpose Cement is the best available option if you are looking for an all-in-one solution.

It is liquid, providing significant resistance against moisture. It is made in America with a credible brand seal. You can order it easily by clicking the link.


Although, the use of all-purpose cement gives a comprehensive solution its use depends on the nature of the shoe material and the extent of damage. After reading this blog, you will be able to make a wise decision based on the core knowledge of all-purpose cement. 

It is recommended that please visit a shoe repair professional before using all-purpose cement to give your shoe a shining life again. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1: Can we use all-purpose cement as a spray after mixing it with a thinner?

It is not recommended because, after dilution, the all-purpose cement will lose its effectiveness. 

2: Is it suitable for rubber material?

Being the contact cement it can fix any kind of material including rubber. 

3: How long does all-purpose cement take to dry?

It can typically dry in 5 -10 minutes with an opening time of 4 hours. 

4: How can we order good all-purpose cement online?

You can easily order by clicking this link.

5: Is all-purpose cement waterproof? 

Yes, it provides a significant resistance against humidity.