What glue do cobblers use?

What glue do cobblers use? Among other things of daily use, shoes are the most frequently used wardrobe items for both men and women. Meanwhile, when a favorite pair of shoes gets broken, nobody wants to replace them easily with a new one. At this moment, we want to mend it at any cost either by a cobbler or by our-self. 

Considering the extent of damage, the shoe can preferably be repaired at home with domestically available tools. Among these tools, the importance of shoe glue can never be denied. So, Instantly a question will pop pop-up in our mind what glue do cobblers use? 

In this piece of writing, we will explore the answer to this question, let’s join us till the last. 

Usually, cobblers use several types of shoe glue depending on the multiple factors. Here, we will talk about the three largely applied cobbler glue categories.

Super Glue

Super Glue is a widely used shoe repair adhesive. It has the following positive points to consider.

◈ It has highly strong adhesiveness.
◈ It can dry in the blinking of the eye.
◈ Do not need any fixation.
◈ Due to being transparent can adjust to any shoe color. 

Barge All-Purpose Cement

Barge All Purpose Cement
is an easy-to-use Cobbler glue that anybody can use to repair shoes. It has the following prospective advantages to consider : 

  • Solid bond with just one layer.
  • Easy expansion, waterproof with zero smell. 
  • Do not need stitches or a pin to hold it. 
  • Perfect for shoes made out of leather, rubber, and cork. 


Urethane is a rubber in nature with glue-like characteristics with protection against hot and cold environments. It is superior to other glue options in the following terms:

You do not need a surface preparation.
Do not get impacted by vibration shocks
No issue of bad smell
Applicable to a large number of materials 


It is a writing on the wall, the durability of the shoe depends on the effectiveness of the glue. 

Therefore, reattachment of a separated sole, fixing a broken heel, or repairing a pulled-apart stitching, all depend on the vigilant selection of shoe glue. That is how your precious shoe can come to life again.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1: What is the shoe manufacturers choice for glue?

It solely depends on the manufacturer's choice, however; Barge All Purpose Cement is a common choice due to its exceptional durability. 

What kind of glue to use for leather?

Any glue having leather-related adhesiveness can be used for leather items. For instance, Barge All-Purpose TF Cement Leather glue can be the best choice. 

2: What glue is to be used for sole separation? 

Always choose a glue specifically designed for damaged soles. You can visit the factory of the origin or the label of the shoe to get more ideas.  

3: How do cobblers choose the best suitable glue for different shoe materials? 

Factors like flexibility, water resistance, durability, and ease of application are considered. 

4: What are the special techniques for applying glue in cobbler practice? 

Surface preparation, applying a thin surface layer, Giving proper drying time, and giving finishing touches are the special techniques used in cobbler practices.