1. How To Use Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint 1oz With a large range of colours to choose from there is bound to be an Angelus Leather paint suitable for any project. While Angelus Leather Paint is mainly aimed at painting shoes, it’s suitable for anything made out of leather. Enhance anything from an old purse to a leather jacket that you’re tired of but aren’t quite ready to part with. Angelus Leather paints can help you give a new life to any old leather products you have lying around. It’s also a great way to save money. Often stores will put unpopular colours of shoes and other leather products on sale while the colour you want remains at its original high price. Angelus paint is relatively inexpensive and high quality, meaning you can purchase the colour you don’t want for the lower price and paint it any colour you desire. Angelus Leather Paint is flexible and doesn’t crack, so anything you choose to paint will be just like it was originally only a better colour. How to Use Angelus Leather Paint Angelus Leather Paint is relatively easy to use. There are four simple steps to follow to ensure you get the results you want. Prepare the leather you will be painting with Angelus Leather Preparer. If you are outside the United States you may not be able to purchase this so use acetone instead, but make sure it’s purchased from a hardware store and is proper acetone and not nail polish remover. This step is important to remove anything that may be on your leather that will stop the paint adhering correctly, and needs to be done even if you have purchased a brand new product.
  2. Paint two thin base layers. Don’t worry about covering everything with the first coat. This is just the base layer to prepare for the final coats. Once you’ve finished allow this to dry for 15 minutes before moving on to your final coats. Paint 3-5 final layers. Now it’s time to paint your final layers. These should be thicker than your base layers and apply between 3-5 layers until you have the desired finish. Make sure you allow 15 minutes before each layer to allow the paint to dry. Once you have finished allow a few hours for the paint to completely dry. Apply Acrylic Finisher. This is your last step. Acrylic finisher will protect your freshly painted leather product from unwanted scuff marks. Some Things to Remember It’s possible to use Angelus Leather Paint in an airbrush if this is your preferred method of painting. Some colours however, will need to be thinned down in order for them to pass through the gun. Never thin the paint down with water or alcohol as this will stop the paint from being flexible, and always use Angelus’s 2-Thin. It’s also important to choose the leather you are painting carefully. Painting already cracked leather won’t fix the leather and it will crack again. The History Angelus Leather Paint all started with one Greek Immigrant Paul T. Angelus, who moved to America and started shining shoes to make a living. He became so good that he bought his own stores and then started making his own products. After moving his brothers over to America to join him they sold their stores and began making shoe polish full time. The business was sold in 1947, but was run into the ground due to poor quality products being produces by the new owners, so the company was bought back in 1953 and then brought back up to the high standard people had come to expect.