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Toe Armor Boot Protector 3oz- Protects The Life of Your Boots

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Our Brand New 3oz Toe Armor Boot Guard Protector is a brush on product that will extend the life of your boots or shoes.

You can put it on brand new boots, or used boots with wear to get an extended life.

This not only helps with wear, but it waterproofs, and guaranteed to work. 3oz Is enough for 2 pairs of boots.


Comes with:

3oz Toe Armor Protector


Sand Paper


STEP 1:. Make sure to open in a well-ventilated area.


STEP 2: Take the applicator and stir the Toe armor well inside the jar. (Shaking it will NOT work)


STEP 3: Tape the Boots off where you want the Toe Armor to go on the boots for a straight line. You can free hand if you would like.


STEP 4: Sand the boots with the included sandpaper where you are going to apply the Toe Armor. Make sure to sand them well and wipe off the residue. You can apply it anywhere on the boot you would like extra protection including the side seams, etc.


STEP 5: Apply the Toe Armor onto the sanded part of the boot evenly and thoroughly. Let dry for 3 hours.


STEP 6: Put another coat on if you feel you need to, otherwise take the tape off and wait a total of 24 hours from final coat before wearing


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