• Apply a light/medium coat of Sole Bright to Oxidized parts of shoes to be treated.

•Make sure to apply very lightly around edges to avoid the product from running onto unwanted areas. Avoid contact with non-rubber materials as it may burn them.

•Cover in clear wrap to prevent the product from evaporating.

•Leave in sun for a 1-6 hours (1 hr for midsoles, 4-6 hours for clear/icy soles). Check back periodically.

•Multiple sessions are necessary for clear/icy soles and older shoes.


•Try to place shoe as level as possible to avoid run-off onto unwanted areas.

•Multiple sessions will be necessary for extremely yellowed soles/material.

•Sole separation may occur in extremely hot weather. We suggest stuffing the shoe with a sandwich bag filled with ice to avoid separation.

•Don’t be fooled by other products that say you can get a sole clear in one session that is heavily yellowed.

Caution – Use with gloves!