If you have a pair of smooth leather shoes that need cleaning we can help. The best smooth leather cleaner we have used is the Apple leather cleaner and conditioner.  It comes with everything you need.
Step 1) Take the cleaner and  put on a clean cloth. Gently rub the leather in a circular motion to clean the dust/dirt off the leather. You dont want to put alot of force into it or it may take some of the color off.
Step 2) Once Its cleaned, take the conditioner and put a good amount on the cloth. Again rub it into the leather in a circular motion to condition. Light scuffs you can put a little more force into it to buff them out. This will look darker on the leather at first, but it will dry the same original color. It WONT darken the leather which is what I love about the Apple care kits.

Cleaning suede shoes is a little more tricky than smooth leather. We suggest using the Lincoln Ez Cleaner with a Brass suede brush.
Step 1) Shake the Lincoln EZ cleaner and put on a clean cloth. You just need a little bit on the cloth. Gently scrub the dirt on the suede to get the dirt off. (Grass stains and deep spots are going to be very hard to remove without ruining the suede or fading the color.)
Step 2) Once the suede has been cleaned and dried it may look a little matted down. You will then take the brass brush and gently brush the suede back and force. Use light pressure. It will Make the suede come back out and take the remaining dirt off.

Cleaning these fabrics like the Nike Flyknit for example you would want our Royal Shoe cleaner kit. Its perfect for these materials including the flyknit and canvas that you dont want to have Pill or snag.
Step 1) Shake the Royal Shoe Cleaner and put on a cloth. Get it nice and foamy and Rub on the material with slight pressure to get the dirt/spots out.
Step 2) Once you have cleaned the shoes and scrubbed to get the dirt out, while still wet you want to use our Royal shoe sneaker brush to scrub the canvas or nylon to finish getting the remaining dirt off. Let dry.